Morning Wood

Look at you naked in the sheets fast asleep.

I slink under the covers, above your cock my mouth does hover.

Gently I lick and suck and moan, until you shift and flex and groan.

Each of your sighs sends heat between my thighs, and every time you grunt I feel it in my cunt.

Your fingers fist in my hair, holding my mouth just there.

Pleasure tightens in my core, as I wake you up like a dirty little whore.

Now I need to feel you deep inside, so just lay back while I ride.

The sun has not shown its first light, but that’s ok let your hands be your sight.

You’re so hard and so thick, you’re going to make me come with this big dick.

Suck my nips and grip my hips while I fuck us both into pure euphoric bliss.

Baby you feel so damned good… Fuck. I love morning wood.

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