Anachronism: Someone not of their time or a lover of a simpler time. 

There’s something to be said for holding and reading a book; the smell of the ink, the crackle of the dust jacket, the weight of its pages… that is someone’s imagination right there in solid, tangible… destructible form. Continue reading Anachronism: Someone not of their time or a lover of a simpler time. 

Writing backward: Knowing the ending first. by Bren Kyveli

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The EndDo you ever find your story wandering off down random paths or fizzling out into mundane nothingness or worse halting at the first sign of a plot twist?

Right now, there are dozens of

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The Power of the Pen

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The pen is an instrument of discovery rather than just a recording implement.

-Billy Collins

Holding a pen in my hand is like having a magic wand with the power to turn the images, emotions, and ideas in my imagination into a tangible and shareable piece of literature. There’s something organic and pure and cathartic in using a real pen that you can’t get from a lifeless keyboard.

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Life: It’s where fiction comes from.

I was out on my back deck enjoying the crisp morning and a hot cup of coffee, discussing plot lines for a smut piece with my online writing group. All of a sudden, vicious snarling and pained screeches came from behind the garage.

I raced off the deck, knowing some poor cat or rabbit was about to be mauled by my Boxer and Lab-Whippet. Continue reading Life: It’s where fiction comes from.