The Best

Down on your knees soldier while I dig my heel into your broad shoulder.

My pussy’s spread wide right in front of your face, I can’t wait to have your tongue in that pink space.

You lick your lips and groan deep in your chest, for you my pussy tastes the best.

My fingers slide over my clit and dip into my cunt, God I love how that makes you flex. Makes you grunt.

Your beautiful cock starts to leak, while your glazed eyes say what parted lips cannot speak.

My fingers wet your lips giving you just a taste, just enough to make your heart race.

I grip your chin and give the command, “Eat this pussy just how I demand.”

You’re an alpha but a damned good soldier, for you eagerly follow my order.

You lick deep and suck hard, growl and groan until I fucking see stars.

I grind my pussy into your face getting my juices all over the place.

But you don’t quit, you never rest, because to you, my cunt is indeed the best.

Erotic Poetry: Whore

The longer I sit here the wetter I get.

I need your cock like its my next hit.

My pussy aches, I can’t stand it anymore.

Please baby, fuck me hard. Let me be your whore.

You want me to beg, want to hear me say please?

For you, just this once, I’ll sink to my knees.

My heart is racing since the roles are reversed.

You look into my eyes and know this isn’t rehearsed.

I suck and lick your cock until you’re hard as a fucking rock.

Then take you all the way down my throat, just like Bren Kyveli wrote.

See? I too can be a good little slut.

Does that mean I can now have you pounding my cunt?

You fuck me hard and make it oh so sinfully rough.

I’m totally hooked, one taste of this darkness will never be enough.

Need your pleasure but need my pain even more.

Please Sir, make me your whore.

Erotic Poetry: Morning Wood

Look at you naked in the sheets fast asleep.

I slink under the covers, above your cock my mouth does hover.

Gently I lick and suck and moan, until you shift and flex and groan.

Each of your sighs sends heat between my thighs, and every time you grunt I feel it in my cunt.

Your fingers fist in my hair, holding my mouth just there.

Pleasure tightens in my core, as I wake you up like a dirty little whore.

Now I need to feel you deep inside, so just lay back while I ride.

The sun has not shown its first light, but that’s ok let your hands be your sight.

You’re so hard and so thick, you’re going to make me come with this big dick.

Suck my nips and grip my hips while I fuck us both into pure euphoric bliss.

Baby you feel so damned good… Fuck. I love morning wood.